glibc 2.28: New and Updated Locales

See also: glibc 2.26: New and updated locales, glibc 2.27: New and updated locales. New version 2.28 of glibc library has been released according to the schedule, that means on August 1, 2018. This time the changes in locale support are not revolutionary. Most of them just continue the works started and partially completed in the previous versions. Alphabetic Collation …

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ffmpeg-compat Still Alive

For those interested: ffmpeg-compat package for Fedora is still alive. The package is a very old version of ffmpeg whose most recent release is 4.0.2 (as of September 2018). It was maintained by RPM Fusion but it has been retired since the release for Fedora 27 (the last supported Fedora version was 26). If you need this binary for Fedora 28, for example …

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