Fedora 29 Release Party at Linux Autumn: Event Report

During this year’s Linux Autumn we organized Fedora 29 Release Party. These kind of events are organized around the world after the new version of Fedora is released. It’s likely that it was the world’s first Fedora 29 Release Party (for this version) because the official poster design was not yet ready and nobody had asked for […]

glibc 2.28: New and Updated Locales

See also: glibc 2.26: New and updated locales, glibc 2.27: New and updated locales. New version 2.28 of glibc library has been released according to the schedule, that means on August 1, 2018. This time the changes in locale support are not revolutionary. Most of them just continue the works started and partially completed in the previous versions. Alphabetic Collation […]