Announcing Linux Autumn 2019

Summer is not yet over (in my climate zone) but it’s time to think about the autumn. Yes, I mean the Linux Autumn, the annual Polish conference of Linux and free software enthusiasts organized by PLUG. I wrote about this event many times in the past, I don’t want to make you bored by the same things again. This year we hope to invite more foreign guests and make the conference more international, possibly with one day full of English talks.

It’s going to be the 17th edition. The venue is exactly the same as the last year: Gwarek Hotel in Ustroń, southern Poland, and dates, as usually a weekend, November 29th til December 1st. Attendees registration is open until November 21st but the talk proposals must be submitted until September 15th. It’s little time, you must hurry.

Remember that the conference is paid for attendees. The money is spent to pay for the accommodation and food for everyone. Why do I ever write in the article for Fedora Planet about a paid and not strictly Fedora-oriented event? First of all, the participation (including accommodation and food) is fully refunded for speakers. I’m not encouraging you to attend a paid event, although if you want you are most welcome. I’m encouraging you to give your talks and participate in a three-days long event for free. Second, this is a Linux event and Fedora is still a Linux distribution. Third, as we all know, many Fedora contributors live and work in the Czech Republic, especially in Brno, and this event is organized in Poland just across the Czech border. It cannot be closer.

How to arrive

There are more details on the organizer’s page but here is a small summary:

  • From Poland: Ustroń is a tourist resort so it has good public transport connection with the rest of the country. It’s very easy to arrive by train or by bus from Katowice. Alternatively you can reach Bielsko-Biała or Cieszyn first and then continue by some local public transport. Of course, if you travel by your own car nothing limits you.
  • From the Czech Republic: first you must reach Český Těšín, there is only 25 km (16 miles) left to Ustroń. It’s easy to find a local public transport. You can also ask organizers for help (e.g., maybe someone gives a ride by car, that’s not a problem indeed).
  • From Slovakia: you may choose to travel via the Czech Republic and Český Těšín but you can also choose Skalité/Zwardoń border crossing.
  • From other countries: if you travel by plane you should choose Krakow or Katowice airport. Both are located about 120 km (75 miles) from Ustroń. Actually the nearest airport is Ostrava but it’s a small airport and I doubt you will find a convenient flight. Of course, you may also prefer to fly to Prague, Brno, or even Vienna and travel across the Czech Republic by train or by bus according to the guidelines above.

Please come because it’s really worth. Those who participated already said the conference was really interesting and it’s too bad that so few people knew about it.

In order to register please visit the organizers’ website.

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  1. You should have posted this earlier, talk proposals close in 3 days.
    Besides that, great post! I like the new design and the article is interesting. Thannks!

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